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Bleach Answers has a few rules, which are simple and easy to follow. They are here for the good of the site and the community, so please familiarize yourself with them.

Questions & Answers

  1. Questions must be about the Bleach series.
  2. Questions and answers must be in English only.
  3. No spoilers (information from unreleased manga chapters) are permitted.
  4. No personal attacks, insults, mocking or threats are allowed. Treat users calmly & with respect, no matter what you think of them, what they write or the character the question is about.
  5. Do not use rude, offensive, vulgar or otherwise inappropriate language or media.
  6. Answer as objectively as possible. Answers should be based on citable facts and not speculation or your personal opinion.
  7. Some questions are by nature requesting a speculative answer: when answering these, stick as close to canon information and proven facts as possible. Do not indulge in crack theories, fan-fiction or opinions. And state in the answer that it is speculative due to above reasons.
  8. Do not ask questions that do not have a direct answer or are more suited to forum-style discussion. This includes asking for opinions (such as is X stronger than Z).
  9. No spam or trolling. Advertising websites other than Bleach Wiki will result in your account being blocked.
  10. Inappropriate questions and/or answers will be deleted.
  11. Do NOT answer questions you ask, it defeats the purpose of the site to do so, as it is meant to answer questions from people who DON'T know the answer.
  12. Admins will create FAQs with the appropriate answer if a question is asked enough, and will redirect subsequent questions that fall under that FAQ's scope to the question.

Failure to Follow the Rules

If you do not follow the rules, your question(s) may be deleted and you may be either warned or blocked from this site for anywhere from a few hours to forever, depending on the seriousness of your offence(s).

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