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Maybe, as we do not know the true extent of her powers yet.

The only time Orihime brought someone back from the dead, Menoly, she had a body to work with. Likewise, when Hachi brought Tsubaki back, he worked with what remained of Orihime's hairpin - although at the time, Orihime herself couldnt' fathom how to bring Tsubaki back without having a fragment of him to work with. In the case of Ulquiorra, there was nothing left. He disintegrated into ash and the ash scattered into the wind. Which makes it highly unlikely Orihime could bring him back. However, the most important condition here is that Orihime would need to want to bring him back. Just because Orihime felt pity for Ulquiorra at the moment of his death, doesn't mean she has the smallest desire to bring him back.

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