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  • Zanpakutō - the main weapon of the Shinigami (and the Arrancar)
  • Asauchi - a nameless Zanpakutō carried by low level Shinigami
  • Denreishinki - soul phone
  • Kikanshinki ("Account-Replacing Spirit Device") - replaces memories with random new ones
  • Substitute Shinigami Badge - warns about Hollows and allows to separate soul from body
  • Gokon Tekkō ("Soul Apprehension Gauntlet") - glove which forcibly removes the soul from the body
  • Gigai - artificial body
  • Gikon - artificial soul
  • Mod Soul - artificial soul with enhanced powers designed to fight Hollows
  • Ginjōtan - a steel sash worn under armor
  • Ginpaku Kazahana no Uzuginu - Byakuya Kuchiki's scarf
  • Kenseikan - hair piece worn by nobles such as Byakuya Kuchiki
  • Hōgyoku - materializes the deepest desire of one's heart
  • Oken - the King's Key grants access to the Royal Palace
  • Hell Butterfly - guide Shinigami through the Dangai and sends messages from one shinigami to another
  • Kaikyō Kotei - small forked blades inserted into the Dangai's walls to help stabilize them
  • Sōkyoku - used to execute shinigami who have severely broken the law
  • Shihōin Shield - the device used by Ukitake and Kyōraku to destroy the Sōkyoku.
  • Tenshintai ("Change [Death] God Body"): invented and tested by Urahara, this vaguely human-shaped doll materializes a Zanpakutō's spirit
  • Senkaimon - gate which connects Soul Society, the Human World and the Dangai
  • Tenkai Kecchu (World-Shifting Binding-Posts) - how Urahara moved Karakura Town to replace it with a fake
  • Tentōken (Heaven-Stepping Adornment) - cloak used by Ichigo to fly when rescuing Rukia during her execution ceremony
  • Anken - small knives that Yoruichi hides in her boots
  • Shinten - A tranquilizer carried by the 4th Division. One drop on the skin will knock out a person with low reiatsu
  • Sekkiseki - stone that blocks reiatsu
  • Somafixer - a drug that strengthens the bond between a Gigai and a soul
  • Ōin - powerful tool from DiamondDust Rebellion belonging to royal family



  • Gintō - silver tubes of reiatsu that the Quincy use to spells
  • Sanrei Glove - training tool for increasing a Quincy's power
  • Quincy Bangle - Uryū use it to regain his powers in the Bount arc
  • Seele Schneider - sword-like weapons used by the Quincy
  • Hollow bait - Attracts large numbers of Hollows; used by the Quincy to aid in exterminating Hollows
  • Bankai Stealing Service- Medallion, used to steal Shinigami´s Bankai.


  • Chain of Fate - a chain that binds souls to their living bodies
  • Senren Bakusatsu Taiho (Thousand Soul-Killing Cannon) - Ururu's canon
  • Muteki Tekkon - A large kanabō wielded by Jinta
  • Reishūkaku (pirit-Gathering Core) - Shiba Kūkaku Shiba's shield generating sphere
  • Bakkōtō - rare type of parasitic weapon used by Gyōkaku Kumoi's assassins
  • Karakura-Raiser Transformation Watch - watch given to Kon to protect Karakura Town in Ichigo's absence
  • Memory Rosary - an object that is composed entirely of memories of Souls that have lost their way in the Dangai

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