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Since I do happen to have a few questions that may be "inapporpriate," would it be fine for me to ask them here?



I'm not sure if this is just me, but it seems like the header is a little bit messed up. The contribute button is horizontally stretched among a few other things. ROBO(Talk)02:54,12/12/2012

That would be wikia's fault. Nothing I can do about it.--God|Pray02:56,12/12/2012
Oh, ok.

Difference in strength...

I've generally seen arguments that've been about Aizen's strength compared to Shunsui's. Based on your own knowledge and reasoning (a commission that's generally separate from that of the usual nature of how questions are answered on this site), would you say that it is feasible that there might not be a large difference/gap in power between the two?

According to stats released a while ago, Aizen is rated at 560 out of 600 while Shunsui is 520 out of 600. That is a fairly large gap.--God|Pray04:56,1/20/2013

Would the fact that Shunsui and Ukitake managed to hold their own against Yamamoto, who is stronger than Aizen, be attributed to their fluid coorperation? (In other words, they would not be so capable of levelling the fight or holding their own against Yamamoto, or a comparable opponent, such as Aizen, if they were fighting him alone?)

Their combined power is what allowed them to hold their ground. Alone, they would have been incinerated.--God|Pray05:24,1/20/2013

Would you say, then, that the difference in power between Yamamoto/Aizen and Unohana is also fairly large, in a sense?

Any response?


Unohana's Bankai

It seems that Kubo might have, by trying to be a bit metaphorical in reference to Kenpachi's awakening or full assumption of potential, compromised what may have been a clear view/indication of what Unohana's Bankai does. Do you think that the chapter might have been more aesthetic than usual?


Okay. I suppose you may either be denying Kubo the benefit of a doubt or I may just be over-interpreting the details Kubo tries to frame, but that may be due to the fact that the chapter was so rushed and circuitious and, frankly, a disappointment. I guess imposing some sort of literary interpretation onto Kubo's work would compensate for that disappointment, lol.

hello i havent been on here in a while is this wiki still working? or has it shut down with the animes being canclled?Halibel is supreme (talk) 00:00, July 27, 2013 (UTC)

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