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April 22, 2011
  • I live in Australia
  • I was born on October 13
  • My occupation is Full Time Procrastinator
  • I am Male

Welcome to Bleach Answers!

Welcome to Bleach Answers, Jirachiwish. Thanks for contributing! I hope you join in and ask or answer some more questions. You can find the new questions on the ActivityFeed page. Why not edit your profile and tell us more about yourself? If you need any help, have a look at Help:Wikianswers. -- Yyp (Talk) 07:21, 22 April 2011


Jirachiwish, please do not ask a question just to answer it yourself as you did with your recent Bankai question. This site is for people who do not know the answer to a question, to ask their question and get an answer from someone who does know. It is not a forum to voice your opinion or state a fact you found.--God|Pray23:38,5/21/2011

Try not to rename things unless they are so grossly misspelled that they are near unreadable. When you move a page, it creates a redirect and in the case of the one you just moved, it creates a redirect to a redirect, thus creating more work for me and Yyp.--God|Pray07:17,6/4/2011

Arrancar109 website

Hey, there! I hear you are good with writing and stuff. So i was thinking, are u interestd in co-ing this website I am trying to create? It is called, and I wanted to use it to show the rude behavior of admin Arrancar109. Unfortunately, I can't be received on my regular talk page as I was blocked. What do you think? —Preceding unsigned comment added by Eonstratagem (talkcontribs)


I have blocked you from this wiki. A check user confirmed that you are the same as Eonstrategem. Do not ever use a sockpuppet again. --God|Pray17:28,6/10/2011

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