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Ichigo's inner world was full of sky scrapers because those represented his hopes and dream. Back in the agent of the Shinigami Arc, Ichigo told Ishida that he wanted to protect a mountain of people. However, in recent chapters, Ichigo's confidence and with it his ambition, has dwindled and he only got the will to fight to protect Karakura Town, which is why his inner world was reduced to a replica of Karakura Town.

Protecting Karakura Town is a worthy goal and all but Karakura Town is nothing compared to what would happen if Aizen succeeds. So, if you like, the Gotei 13 and the Vizards were all fighting to project the entirety of existence but Ichigo was only fighting to protect Karakura Town.

This actually is a form of regression in Ichigo as moving forward for Ichigo is to become like the Gotei 13 and Vizards who fight to protect everybody. But instead, Ichigo went backwards and had ambition enough to protect his home town. Which is why Tensa Zangetsu got annoyed with Ichigo. Tensa Zangetsu wants to see a return of the skyscrapers, which are symbols of Ichigo's desire to protect as many people as he possible can.

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