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Ichigo Kurosaki is a very special case within the series as there is a lot of confusion surrounding what race he is.

First and foremost, Ichigo is a Human as he was born alive, in the World of the Living. he is a living being with a pulse and a soul chain that attaches to his body.

Also, Ichigo's mother, Masaki Kurosaki was the last member of a long line of Echt Quincy meaning she was a pure-blooded Quincy. This does not meant that Ichigo and his sisters are automatically Quincy or pure-blooded this means they have the potential to be trained in this regard.

Ichigo's father was a Shinigami who gave up his powers to help save the life of Masaki.

When Ichigo was born, both Masaki and Isshin were trapped in unique states in that Masaki was halfway between a Quincy and a Hollow due to the infection she received before she destroyed White. Isshin, due to sacrificing his powers was halfway between a Human and a Shinigami at the time of the conception of Ichigo and his sisters.

Due to Masaki's infection, Ichigo was born with Fullbring capabilities as people with Fullbring abilities are born of parents who have previously been attacked by a Hollow and pass on abilities to their offspring.

During Ichigo's battle with the hollow inside him takes control which severs the protective connection between it and Isshin which allows his Shinigami powers to return to him.

Thus, Ichigo and his siblings were born in very unique circumstances. The first and foremost important factor is that they were born Human.

  • Ichigo is a Human who has many different abilities. Due to his mother's heritage he has shown to have some Quincy abilities. Due to his mother's infection he was able to develop Fullbring powers. Due to the intervention of Rukia Kuchiki and later Kisuke Urahara he was able to develop Shinigami abilities. Because of the Hollow inside him, he also has been in possession of Visored abilities and Hollow powers while in that form. Note: The Hollow inside him is not a Vasto Lorde or any other form of Menos, as it has never gone through the process of becoming a Menos, it is just a regular Hollow.
  • Neither Yuzu nor Karin have been shown using any abilities neither Shinigami, Quincy, Fullbring or Hollow and thus far, due to the lack of proof, they are considered Human unless otherwise shown.
  • Zangetsu was revealed to look like Ywach did one thousand year previous to the beginning of the series and thus represents that Quincy all possess a portion of Ywach's power.

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