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What Makes a Good Answer?

Here are some tips on what makes a good answer:

  1. Be based on provable facts
  2. Citing relevant manga chapters or episodes to back up your answer
  3. Answers should be objective, not subjective
  4. Links to relevant pages on Bleach Wiki where the user can see further info related to the question
  5. Add a category to the question so that other users know what it is about (See this link for advice on categories)
  6. If you think that the question has already been asked before, redirect it to the earlier question
  7. Answer the question calmly and civilly, no matter what you think of it or the character the question is about
  8. If you find an inappropriate question, for example one that is not about Bleach or is offensive, add the {{delete|<reason>}} template to the question.
  9. When in doubt of anything, take it to the question's talk page.
  10. Do not use sarcasm or attack the user based on the quality of the question. Remember, not all users on this site speak English as their first language
  11. Be straight to the point
  12. Do not include speculative information (e.g The anime will proabably return, I think that this will happen, etc.)

What Makes a Good Question?

Here are some tips on how to ask a good question:

  1. Check the Answered Questions category or here to see if your question has already been answered.
  2. Be as clear and as specific as possible so others can understand the question; questions that just have the name of a technique or character is very unclear, as we do not know what you want to know about the topic you are asking.
  3. Avoid asking about what will happen in the future of the story, as the author is the only person who knows such things
  4. Add a category to the question so that other users know what it is about
  5. If you wish to rephrase your question - go to its page and EDIT the question instead of asking a new question
  6. Use the search box to see if your question has already been asked.
  7. Check the Community section for a list of FAQs.
  8. Keep your question short and too the point. For example "What is that song that goes like this, it's more a soundtrack rather than a song, but it plays during a fight I really need to know!" is too long a question and goes on a tangent. Just putting "What is the song that plays during the fight?" is good enough.
  9. If asking for a soundtrack from an episode, please be specific as to what episode and when in the episode you are referring to.
  10. Avoid asking about couples which are not canon.

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