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There is a run-down on the current story in both the anime & manga on Bleach Wiki's Main Page, but since Hitsugaya & Harribel fought, the following has happened:

  • Wonderweiss arrived and knocked Ukitake out of the fight;
  • The Vizards arrived;
  • Baraggan was defeated by the combined efforts of Hachigen & Soifon;
  • Starrk was killed by Shunsui;
  • Harribel was killed by Aizen;
  • Tosen was killed by Hisagi;
  • Hiyori was cut in two by Ichimaru;
  • Yammy started fighting Byakuya & Zaraki;
  • Mayuri opened a Garganta to allow Ichigo & Unohana to return to the Human World;
  • Hinamori is stabbed by Hitsugaya due to Aizen's illusions;
  • Aizen defeated the combined forces of the Gotei 13 & Vizards;
  • Urahara, Isshin & Yoruichi attack & are beaten by Aizen;
  • Aizen is transformed by the Hogyoku;
  • Ichigo is beaten by Ichimaru;
  • Aizen & Ichimaru go to the real Karakura Town;
  • Ichigo trains in his inner world with Tensa Zangetsu & his inner Hollow;
  • Aizen and Ichimaru pursue Ichigo's friends and try to attack them.
  • Ichimaru attacks & claims to have killed Matsumoto;
  • Ichimaru betrays Aizen, stabbing & injecting him with poison.
  • The Hogyoku gives Aizen another transformation.
  • Aizen slashes Ichimaru and kills him and regains the Hogyoku.

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