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On Bleach Answers (and Wikianswers in general), the aim is to create the one best answer to any question. Lots of people should collaborate on an answer rather than simply appending their own answer.

Every person answering is attributed at the end of the question page in the answered by section so they do not need to sign specific parts of the answer. Doing so would make it harder for others to improve on the answer.


Document mode is the style wiki articles are usually written in. The opposite is thread mode which is usually used on wiki talk pages.

Document mode allows a coherent and self-contained response to the question, reflecting the entire answer built up by collaboration and consensus.

Wiki excels at document mode and one of the things that makes Bleach Answers great is the ability to present answers in this format rather than as a string of individual responses.

The aim of Bleach Answers is not to be a forum where multiple voices each add their own personal opinion, but to be a place to find the one best answer to any question. Thread mode is inferior when trying to meet this goal.

Subjective questions should be removed, redirected, or reworded to instead create something that can be answered collaboratively and objectively.

If an answer has been signed, it is not only acceptable, but preferable, to remove the signature and improve the answer, turning it into a document mode page so that it can be freely edited and improved by others.

Thread mode is acceptable on wiki talk pages. If you disagree with the content of a reply, please use the talk page to leave a signed message about why. Through this discussion mechanism, the community can arrive on consensus about how to rewrite the answer, accounting for all significant viewpoints.

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