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i understand where your coming from.In fact i feal the same way but i nor no one else knows exactly why tite kubo does it this way but im sure he has a good reason

This is like asking why is a piece of string as long as it is. The same question can be asked of any manga that is currently running. When is One Piece going to finish? When is Naruto going to finish? How can Kochikame, running since 1976, still be going? Kubo feels like going into details with the fight, showing-off the cool abilities of the shinigami etc, etc. He'll stop writing Bleach when he no longer has any stories to tell. On last check, Kubo said he still had a lot of stories to tell. He'll work at his own pace and the only people who can hurry him along are his bosses at Jump, who have a vested interest in keeping Bleach going for as long as it remains popular and Bleach is still very popular in the only market that matters: Japan.

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