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There are some questions that just can't be answered, but they still get asked a lot.

Typical questions like this include "when will character X die?", "why did Kubo kill character Y?", and "I hate this, why did it have to happen?". Questions like that get redirected here, as do incomplete or incoherent questions and questions about what will happen in the future of the story (which only Tite Kubo could possibly know the answer to).

Some questions can't be answered because they are either specific just to the asker (and so how would WE know the answer?), are dependent on personal taste/opinion, are too vague for anyone to understand or because they are asking for comparisons to other series (different universes have different rules & cannot be properly compared).

If you try to add a new question containing bad words, illegal activity, adult or pornographic or otherwise inappropriate content; it may also be redirected here automatically. In such cases, please reword your question to be more family-friendly.

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